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Gone Are the Days (2018) Once, Taylon Flynn was a robber. Now an aged adventurer in the movie "Gone Are the Days" lives in a simple house, located far from civilization. Suddenly, the ghost of his accomplice, who was shot in a bank robbery, visits the old man. The old comrade says that the days of Taylon are numbered and convinces him the last time to commit another reckless adventure. Agreeing with the arguments of the dead, a decrepit robber sets fire to his own home and goes to a nearby town.

In the local saloon, the hero meets his daughter. Pretty woman completely lost faith in life and has to work as a prostitute. Wanting to help the girl, the unfortunate father arranges her escape from the brothel and distracts the attention of the chase after the runaway. Furiously bursting into the banking department, an elderly man robs the storehouse and transfers money to his daughter. Then, while the young lady is trying to get to the railway station to leave the city, a lone person begins a shootout with the sheriff and a gang of local scoundrels, guilty of the misadventures of the poor thing.

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