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I Thought You Were a Nice Man (2018)

I Thought You Were a Nice Man (2018) The main heroine of the picture is a young girl who lives quite ordinary life at first sight. During the day she works in the office, without attracting attention and not wanting to be the subject of discussions. However, in the evening, when the whole city falls asleep, a single woman goes to the streets of her city and looks for herself an attractive man. But a man needs her not for a passionate relationship for one night, but for another purpose.

The main character is a young, beautiful, sexy girl who has worked in the office for several years. She does not particularly like her own work, but she is not interested in it, since for her the main thing is to get money for herself. They do not like to communicate with colleagues, with old acquaintances and former friends, as it is much easier for her to live alone. Many of her colleagues would not mind to find out what this silent, mysterious and self-contained girl hides in herself, while others would like to know what charms her closed blouses and tight skirts hide. But, whatever the representatives of the stronger sex wanted from her, they will never get it, because the girl locked her life and her heart to the castle.

However, late in the evening, when the whole city and its inhabitants are plunged into a deep sleep, the girl goes out into the street. She is looking for men ready to go with her anywhere. Representatives of the male, intoxicated with a thirst for possession, leave with a young and sexy girl, hoping to have a good time and have an unforgettable night with a beautiful woman. Having brought their companions to a cheap hotel, or their own apartment, or a car parked nearby, the girl starts showing off her charms to her partners, stirring them even more. Disturbed by passion, men stop thinking, and it is at this point the girl is getting from them what she needs - their warm and hot blood. The girl is a vampire who has lived for many years.


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I Thought You Were a Nice Man (2018)

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I Thought You Were a Nice Man (2018)

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