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The Neighbor (2018)

The Neighbor (2018) A middle-aged man is married for a long time. Relations with his wife are no longer those that were at the beginning of the family life together, admiration and love for the wife turned into everyday life, mutual respect between the spouses disappeared, passions subsided, mutual understanding lost over time. Life without love has become boring, monotonous, reminiscent of a stagnant swamp. But everything changes unexpectedly when new tenants come into the house next door: a young married couple. He is all on kinogod.net gave himself to his work, he lives alone, despite the fact that he lives in the house is not alone. He is fed up with relations with his long-disgraced wife. Their relationship has long since come to naught, life rolls to the sunset and it seemed that nothing in life can change them. However, in one of the ordinary days life gives him an unexpected surprise, which will change the rest of his life. New tenants appear in the neighboring mansion. Their appearance introduces a variety in the routine life of an elderly couple.
The film "The Neighbor" tells the story of no longer a young man Michael, who has lost all interest in his family life. The neighbors were an interesting family couple: a young, friendly and attractive woman who at first sight charmed an elderly neighbor. Her husband is a very unpleasant-looking person, aggressive and alert.

The neighbor observes that the relationship between the exemplary, at first glance, young couple living in the neighborhood is very far from ideal. A young woman suffers bullying of her husband, who takes his aggression on his wife. Michael, decided to help a charming neighbor, who has long been disappointed in her marriage, she is tired of constantly living in fear. It came to the point that he decided to protect the young woman and interfered in their family conflict. He began to show interest in the neighbor and completely stopped paying attention to his wife, the relationship between them completely disrupted. Further events unfold with such speed, and so it is not predictable that the main character is trapped.


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The Neighbor (2018)

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The Neighbor (2018)

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