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God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness (2018) Pastor Dave faithfully believed in human spirituality, and although she was often questioned by real deeds, in his opinion, light was able to disperse the darkness in the souls of people, no matter how evil forces prevented it. The small church, overseen by the pastor, was located near the state university, and it is in this territory that the events of the dramatic film unfold.

Recently, unruly extremists have repeatedly threatened believers, but their dirty tricks were not taken seriously, which very soon led to tragic consequences. The arsonists did their "black" work under the cover of the night, but no one doubted that a group of extremists was involved in the fire that destroyed the church. Estimating the damage caused by the fire, Pastor Dave decided to do everything possible to restore the church, resorting to the help of the university administration, in whose jurisdiction this territory was located.

Deciding to act without delay, the protagonist began to occupy the thresholds of the university leadership, but unexpectedly faced with a lot of bureaucratic obstacles. A number of delays not only hampered the process itself, but also at some point made me think that all of his actions could be completely in vain. Knocking on the hearts of teachers and their students was much more difficult than Dave hoped, but it was not in his nature to give up without a fight, and the stubborn pastor again and again explained to people that without faith their lives could ultimately be empty and meaningless.

Apparently, the belief in the god of the hero was incredibly strong if he overcame all these complex tests that he faced every day, bypassing the innumerable offices of bureaucrats seized in the university administration. Despite all these delays and the unwillingness to "stir" some responsible persons, the pastor believed that he could convince people of the importance of the temple for them, where they could find harmony and confidence in the future.

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