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Midnight Sun (2018)

Midnight Sun (2018) At the very beginning of watching the movie "Midnight Sun" we get acquainted with Katie Price, a seventeen-year-old girl who, since her early childhood, has been forced to hide from the sun. She is ill with a rare disease that is associated with genetic changes in her body. Because of this, Cathy has a strong sensitivity to sunlight. For this reason, the girl has to sit at home all day, hiding from the sun.

Cathy lives with her father, and her main friend is Morgan, who helps her out of the house at night, when the twilight comes. So the heroine lives every day until she does not meet Charlie, a young street musician, during the night's next walk. Cathy accidentally forgets her laptop, and Charlie keeps it. He returns the next day and gives it to Cathy. He tells her about his difficult life and about the loss of a scholarship at the University of California. Cathy in return shares her feelings. Between them, real love begins.

Do you want to know how the events will unfold? Then do not miss the movie "Midnight Sun" online on our website. We wish a fascinating view.


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Midnight Sun (2018)

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Midnight Sun (2018)

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