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Pari (2018)

Pari (2018) The film "Pari" tells a fascinating story about an ordinary guy who finds himself in the center of unusual events. It would seem that Arnab's life is no different from the others, but once a guy happens to be unhappy, he accidentally knocks down an old woman who accidentally knocks an old woman on the way to the hospital. Almost at the same time, Arnab gets acquainted with the girl, who falls in love at first sight.

Rukhsana is at first sight the most ordinary girl, with her oddities, but the problem is that she has been isolated from society for a long time, but Arnab is not in love with her in love. Quite by chance a young man learns that Rukhsana is not so simple - she is the bearer of evil forces and perhaps now it is Arnab who will become her new victim. Can the main character overcome his fear and cause evil forces to fight?


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Pari (2018)

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Pari (2018)

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