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The Domestics (2018) The main thing in the story: A lonely woman with her son moves to a small provincial town. She lost the source of income, so moving was the only way to save money. But the boy clearly did not like this idea. Naomi expects to find a good job in order to secure a worthy existence for himself and his offspring. First time she smiles luck, she gets acquainted with useful people and equips the acquired house. But the main heroine is not destined to find the desired peace of mind.

After some time strange and even frightening things begin to happen in the house. Family members analyze current events and understand that they are dealing with otherworldly forces. At night something incredible is happening, confirming the most terrible guesses - they settled among the forces of evil. Local residents bypass the house side. They knew that there was a monastery of evil within its walls, but they were not in a hurry to tell new residents about it. Domestic people become unwitting participants in terrible events. Their life turns into a deadly game, in which only one winner will be determined. Pursued by the devil's offspring, mother and son will overcome many traps set up for potential victims.

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