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Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) In our time, social networks have become a meeting place for young people. For hours, sagging on the Internet, they are not hesitating to share personal data, telling the secrets in the horrors "Unfriended: Dark Web". Students do not think about the consequences of the information provided. In the World Wide Web, millions of secrets, malice, jealousy and mockery come from the mass of users walking through different applications, switching between network connections. In this multimillion-dollar complex and elusive network, a horrible monster settled, concentrating the most evil intentions. An evil spirit wanders through accounts, looking for an innocent victim. He is expertly encrypted under anonymous nicknames, trying to call to account for past deeds, commits brutal reprisals. People, getting to the bait of a murderer, end up badly. The whole infernal person is pulled out, exposing the impartial details of his life, which become public.

The story that took place in Fresno impressed the locals. After virtual communication, a group of teenagers began to experience accidents. The attacker wanted to bring out the school children who posted on Youtube a shameful video from the party. Each of them experienced an incredible fear and learned a lot about friends. The guys tried to clean the computer of the evil creature with an antivirus, but the evil forces did not leave them until they found out the truth. A series of events on the verge of insanity leads to the death of virtual troll participants. The police write off incidents of suicide, only friends in the chat know the true cause of what happened. But no one remained alive. Their schoolmates were left puzzled by what had happened, trying to understand the motives of their classmates.

Time passed. The story of suicide is forgotten. Soon the young man buys a laptop. After downloading social networking applications Facebook, Skype, Spotify, Matthias discovers an old account. Curiosity inclines him to look into mysterious correspondence, after that strange things begin to happen. It seems that he opened Pandora's box. He receives a flurry of messages from beautiful women. However, among them there is an unknown, demanding to say who uses a computer. The situation becomes uncontrollable after a running Skype session. By connecting the laptop to the Internet, the guy released an invisible monster. It turned out that the computer was stolen, and the previous owner can monitor every move of the new owner and will do everything to return the thing belonging to him.


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Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

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Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

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