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Batman Ninja (2018)

Batman Ninja (2018) The main thing in the story: In what kind of adventure did not get all the favorite superhero Batman. In his life, a lot of dangerous situations and famously twisted stories. He repeatedly took to the guard of order in his native Gotham, and he managed to fight with the forces of evil. But time goes on, and villains always come up with such plans, which it is difficult to cope with even a superhero with experience. So it turns out that together with his associates, Batman is in Japan, but this is not the country that we are used to seeing, the thing is that the hero is in the era of feudalism, when the world was dominated by completely different mores.

It falls on several centuries ago, in order to resist a powerful evil. You can not waste precious time, because every minute counts. In the most unexpected way, the great hero is to become a brave ninja. Only by enlisting the support of his friends and properly studying the enemy, he will be able to deal crushing blows. He must clean up the planet, and then return to Gotham, where people also need it. But will Batman be able to deal with the forces of evil so easily?


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Batman Ninja (2018)

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Batman Ninja (2018)

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