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Bleach (2018)

Bleach (2018) Everyone thought that Ichigo Kurosaki is an ordinary high school student. The boy was different because he had a shock of bright orange hair on his head. Sometimes Ichigo behaved like a real messenger. True, such actions are typical for all young men of this age. No one even suspected that Ichigo could see different ghosts. Once the guy had to engage in a fierce battle with one of them.

As described in the film "Bleach", Kurosaki dies. However, the incredible happens, the young man returns to life the angel of death Rukia.

Then, in an absurd accident, the supernatural creature loses its abilities, which fall to Ichigo. A young man with orange hair became a real Shinigami with a huge sword in his hands. From now on, he must fight with all kinds of evil spirits that come to the world of people in the form of evil spirits. Rukia became an ordinary beautiful girl. To some extent, she gives Ichigo useful advice on how to properly use the new opportunities. Kurosaki's life is filled with various dangerous adventures.


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Bleach (2018)

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Bleach (2018)

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