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Saint Judy (2018)

Saint Judy (2018) Jude was different from his peers since childhood. Parents often scolded his son for being too naive and gullible. When the main character matured, it turned into an object for ridicule. Co-workers in the office constantly made foolish jokes to a good-natured colleague, but he patiently bore all offensive words and silly jokes.

Neighbors considered the young man with a clean, childish soul to be feeble-minded, and sincerely sympathized with his close relatives. Judah’s unsophisticated statements and unpredictable actions seemed strange even to his family. The poor fellow had long dreamed of traveling, and once his wish came true. A trip to Goa was a real revelation for the guy, completely turning his life ...


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Saint Judy (2018)

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Saint Judy (2018)

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