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Mandy (2018)

Mandy (2018) The world is full of various organizations. People willingly join various groups to spend their leisure time. Someone is engaged in dances, someone with a vocal, someone decided to connect his life with artistic creativity. However, there are other groups in the world that are radically different from everything that exists in this world. It's about various religious sects, which every day absorb a lot of people. Of course, every person who thinks sensibly and judiciously will understand that people should not expect anything good in such a company. This requires a long and hard run, but not everyone understands the whole sad picture. In the sects usually zombie each person, so there is no turning back. A person who has joined the ranks of sectarians is at the mercy of the organizers of this utopian group. They do what they want with these poor naive people. But many of them have relatives and friends who are powerless.

The main character named Red Miller was in that situation. His lover joined the ranks of a religious sect. A man does not understand what to do, because this situation seems hopeless. Now the main character's soul is full of emptiness, but he is not going to give up. Red decides to arrange a real hunt for the organizers of the sect to take revenge.


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Mandy (2018)

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Mandy (2018)

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