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Future World (2018) The plot of this spectacular fantasy film takes us to a relatively near future, showing how the planet has changed dramatically. Surviving people, driven by the instinct of self-preservation, built a radically new world in which barbaric laws reign. In all spheres of life, scientific and technological progress is felt, but medicine remains powerless in the face of certain diseases. The main character of the film "The World of the Future" is to go to the Wasteland through hostile territories. The boy's favorite mother is seriously ill, she needs medicine, and it can only be found in the Wastelands, in a protected city whose population has preserved the civilization with normal laws, education and medicine. The young man is not sure that the saving medicine, which he learned by accident, really exists. But he needs to hurry to return on time, because the sick mother is left to live very short. With himself in the journey, the hero took the right robot, as a dangerous enemy set a cyborg-killer against him. The travelers are in mortal danger ...

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