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The Image Book (2018) The film "The Image Book" is an amazing excursion into the deceptive and illusory world of the East, which allows to better understand the mentality of the inhabitants of the Arab countries. Here the incomprehensible laws for Europeans reign and a peculiar code of honor. Women are practically deprived of their rights, fully submitting to men. There is simply no equality of speech. Most cities are located among a lifeless desert, while the standard of living of the population remains one of the highest in the world. The wealth of the Arab sheiks literally amazes the imagination, overshadowing all that you can imagine.

The secret of prosperity is simple - the oil fields scattered on the territories of most states of the Middle East region. It is the underground pools of "black gold" that provide the population with a secure life. By a strange coincidence, in the territory of one of the countries there is no oil field, so the ruler can only envy the neighboring states. To remedy the situation, the political leader arranges a false revolution, hoping in a turmoil to establish his own power over neighboring territories. Watch the movie "The Image Book" and find out that the brilliant plan fails miserably.

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