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Alpha (2018)

Alpha (2018) The film "Alpha" begins its development more than twenty thousand years ago, when our planet was a harsh, cold and uncomfortable place. Death lurked at every turn. The survival of a man depended on his ability to cope with the victim. A group of primitive people goes on a hunt, which from the very beginning develops not according to plan. Something goes wrong and as a result one of the tribe fights off relatives.

The young hunter does not know what to do and understands that he was alone with a cold and hostile world. And now he needs to find out of the situation. But the problem is that he is young and does not have enough experience of survival. Each step of it carries a new danger, and any careless movement can lead to death. He has to look at his own fears in person, because only so he can muster the courage. At stake is his life. From the outcome of his journey depends not only his fate, but also the lives of many tribesmen.

Everyone who loves historical films about how the formation of mankind was going on, we want to recommend to draw attention to the picture of "Alpha". And we need to wish you the most enjoyable viewing.


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Alpha (2018)

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Alpha (2018)

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