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The Chamber (2016) The events of the intense thriller "The Chamber" begin their development under the surface of the Yellow Sea next to the shores of North Korea. It was here that a group of researchers performed a difficult and dangerous mission. Being in a place that periodically becomes the center of conflicts, they know that they are risking their lives. But they can not imagine that the main problem for them is their submarine, and not external threats.

In the center of history is an experienced pilot of a submarine, who has knowledge and management skills due to a large number of research missions and three American commandos capable of promptly responding in the most extreme situations. But, despite all the preparations, all four are in a difficult situation at the moment when the ship begins to suffer a wreck. Swiftly moving to the bottom, it can become the last refuge for the protagonists of the movie "The Chamber", which you can watch online on our website. They know that their chances of survival are not great, but they continue to struggle. Their common goal is to survive at any cost and wait for help.

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