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Touch Me Not (2018) There are no fearless people in the world. Every person sooner or later appears that they are afraid of more than anything else. If a person says that he is not afraid of anything, then on a psychological level he perfectly understands that such a reaction can hide him, at first glance, imperceptible shortcomings. However, this does not mean that they do not exist. Someone is afraid of heights until death. Someone is afraid of water, and some are afraid of their appearance. Many people notice a large number of shortcomings, which begin in the literal sense of the word - to interfere with normal life. In this case, each person tries in his own way to solve the existing problem. Someone escapes from it to leave everything in the past, but in this case this problem will only grow every year and become all-consuming. Someone on the contrary decides to do everything possible to once and for all get rid of this sense of fear.

The main character - a fifty-year-old woman named Laura, always preferred to avoid her problems. She had a large number of phobias, which gradually began to turn into some sort of nightmare. Over time, the woman decided not to close from the problems, and start to solve them, because only so you can ensure a normal life. Nobody says that the path will be easy, but the main character is ready for any tests.

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