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Darc (2018)

Darc (2018) Starting watching the thriller "Darc", the viewer gets acquainted with an experienced Interpol agent. He has long been in this business and is considered one of the best professionals. It is for this reason that management often gives him only the most difficult and dangerous work. And he is always ready for it. During his work, the hero has often looked death in the eye and has long been afraid of nothing. But this time he has to do one of the most dangerous things in his life.

Events begin to develop at a time when members of the Yakuza kidnap a person close to him. From this moment he enters the game and decides to take revenge on everyone who is responsible for this crime. For an agent, this becomes a matter of personal revenge. But in order to find the perpetrators, he needs to infiltrate the gang involved in the smuggling of people. In order to achieve this goal, he resorts to the help of a cruel criminal, an expert on counterterrorism and spetsnaz operators. And now, when they are ready, a really bitter confrontation begins.

Do you like thrillers? Then we are sure that the film "Darc" can become a real find. We wish you interesting viewing.


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Darc (2018)

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Darc (2018)

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