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Terminal (2018) At the very beginning of watching the movie "Terminal" we get acquainted with two experienced killers who are ready to go to great lengths to get a large sum of money. They are good in their business and are considered one of the best professionals. It is for this reason that only the wealthiest and most authoritative people apply to them. Others simply are not ready to pay such a high price. Employers of mercenaries know that if they received an order, they will always fulfill it and notice all the traces.

The action begins to unfold at the moment when the killers receive the next task. The tenant immediately warns that it can become the most dangerous in the history of their activities. But they are ready for this, because the customer offers a large amount, which is quite enough to abandon the killings to the end of life. However, soon after the agreement, both meet the fatal beauty of Annie. She begins to lead a complex game with them. Annie picks out the two killers. But what purpose does she pursue? What does she need it for? And how is it connected with the mystical employer?

Look right now on our website online movie "Terminal" and you will be able to get answers to all these exciting questions.

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