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Tag (2018) At the very beginning of watching the comedy film "Tag" We get to know former classmates who meet each year in order to understand which of them can be considered the most dodgy, strong and dexterous. Friends gather together, after which they start the original games, which resemble the heaped version of the popular cat-and-mouse competition. Friends have long thought of all the rules to small details. They have approached this process so seriously that each game is delayed for a whole month.

The main characters play it from the very first class and are not going to stop. More than once they risked work, close people, relationships, career prospects, personal things and even life. And the game still causes them excitement. The people around are only puzzled by how this is possible.

This time the game of friends falls on the wedding ceremony of the player, who still remains undefeated. For other participants, this event becomes an opportunity to deprive him of this status. But the groom is not going to make an easy target.

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Tag (2018)

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Tag (2018)

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