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My Best Friend (2018)

My Best Friend (2018) In Patagonia there lives a sweet, kind boy named Lorenzo. He has a little brother and caring parents. He can be called a happy man. He rejoices at every passing day. The young man has many good friends. He never misses being alone. Ahead of the incorrigible optimist is a lifetime full of bright colors and unforgettable moments. He dreams and seeks to realize his plans. Father and mother have high hopes for their offspring.

One day, the guy Kaito comes to Lorenzo's house. The boy was the son of mom dad's close friends. He wanted a break from the city rush. He needs a little shatter, swim in the sea. However, the boy is not going to leave the house at all. He is afraid to go out. The poor fellow is very reserved and does not want to communicate with peers. The son of the house owners seeks to help the unhappy schoolboy, but all efforts are in vain. This intractable buddy is not going to have a dialogue with Lorenzo. Then the boy decides to desperate actions. He does not even realize that Kaito keeps an incredible secret. Now he will have to put up with the new guest and accept all his flaws or fight forgiving the mysterious high school student.


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My Best Friend (2018)

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My Best Friend (2018)

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