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Butterflies (2018)

Butterflies (2018) In the memory of the heroes of dramatic history there are very few memories of a distant childhood, when the brothers lived together with parents who sincerely loved them and took care of all their needs. Gentle hands of my mother, her affectionate smile, from which she grew calm, a cozy warm house, family holidays - this is all that young people remembered about the events of many years ago. After the mother's suicide, close relatives decided that the boys should not be left with their father, who was accused of having a blame for the tragedy that happened.

Since no one wanted to take on a double burden, the brothers were separated, hoping that eventually the bond between the brothers would weaken, and age would help to forget everything, which eventually happened. Each of them went its own way, and everything turned out just as the family wanted. His own father did not give news about himself, and the brothers began to consider the parents of those who now lived. Almost 20 years have passed. An unexpected meeting in a remote village where the characters of the film turned out was the beginning of a change in the life of each of the characters in the film. Here, in a remote province, the brothers learn with amazement the family secret, which the relatives carefully concealed.

It turned out that their real father was alive and well during all these years, and died only recently, and those whom they considered their parents were only guardians. Young people hardly knew each other, and there was also such a stunning news that made us think again about our problems. One of the brothers in the past was an astronaut, and now due to reasons beyond his control, he enlarged the "army" of the unemployed, and barely made ends meet. The other is an imam who devoted many years to the ministry of religion.

Disappointed in the faith, which, in his opinion, could not help him finally choose his life path, the former clergyman sought confirmation of new convictions that could save him from doubts and despair. This meeting gave the heroes a chance to gain support and mutual understanding, through which they can together overcome any obstacles on the way to a happy future.


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Butterflies (2018)

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Butterflies (2018)

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