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River Runs Red (2018) The film “River Runs Red” depicts the tragic events in the life of a man, which forced him to change his own moral principles. Charles Coleman for a long time successfully served as a judge. In the United States, claiming democracy in the country and tolerance towards all citizens, regardless of color, origin, religious or cultural characteristics, manifestations of overt racism are still observed. Coleman, an African-American by birth, has repeatedly encountered similar incidents. The man sincerely hoped that the problem would not affect his family. Charles was mistaken, only now he understood the groundlessness of his own optimism.

For the judge, the son, who decided to link his fate with law enforcement, was a reason for pride. Coleman hoped that the guy would be a worthy successor of the traditions, a man always remembering the honor of his uniform. Charles couldn’t even admit that it was the law enforcement officers who would cause the tragedy. On the day when his son was among the cadets of the police academy, a tragedy occurred. The guy died, the officers, the perpetrators of the incident managed to escape punishment. A judge with years of experience never compromised with his conscience. He always remained the guardian of the law. Now Coleman is forced to act by radical methods. He is ready to use any means to take revenge on the killers of his own son. Watch the film “The Rivers Turn Red” and see the continuation of the tragic story.

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