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To Each, Her Own (2018) Simone is a young woman who lives in France and has a Jewish background. She was brought up in a very religious family, strictly observing the long traditions that existed among the descendants of the Jews for many generations. Parents from early childhood tried to instill in the growing children certain moral principles, the discussion is not subject. However, the girl grew very capricious, adhering to more advanced views of the world around him.

The disobedient girl has her own view, contrary to religious canons, on the romantic relationship between the sexes. Simone, from a young age, felt the need for intimacy with the representatives of her gender, finally determined in due course her sexual orientation. Now she is in a close relationship, carefully hidden from God-fearing relatives, with her beloved girl.

Most recently, the happy couple celebrated the third anniversary of their cohabitation, arranging a noisy party in the lesbian community for a happy occasion. There comes a time when it is necessary to tell the truth to family members, who are constantly starting a family meal about the need for marriage.

A woman, encouraged by her partner, for a long time thoroughly prepares for a serious conversation with her parents. Suddenly, she begins to feel a sexual attraction to a dark-skinned guy, working as a cook in a restaurant, and with him starts a passionate and stormy romance.

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