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Happy Anniversary (2018) The film "Happy Anniversary" tells the story of a couple that has already gone through a period of candy and bouquets. Courtships were fine, they adored each other, but gradually the relationship goes to a different stage - the partners get to know each other better and begin to get used to denser. And this means that the enthusiasm for the merits of a loved one is replaced by irritation because of his shortcomings. It is this stage experienced by Molly and Sam, who until recently everything was fine.

Quarrels, attempts at reconciliation, which are given more and more difficult, constant omissions turn once-happy partners into ever-grumbling grumbling people. In the end, there comes a time when one should take one of the most important decisions in the life of each person - to continue all this or to part ways, so as not to experience such a bunch of troubles.

Someone appears third or third, people who advise how best to do, but still have to solve only two. Three years is a long time or not? Will Molly and Sam stay together?

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