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Rideshare (2018)

Rideshare (2018) The taxi service has always been an important part of the public transport of the glorious city of New York. However, recently residents of the metropolis complained that the called machine had to wait more than the minutes declared by the dispatcher. In particular, because of this, Americans suffered living in remote areas of the metropolis. They have repeatedly tried to reach the authorities in order to solve this problem, but, alas, all to no avail. As a result, after the next election, the Newly-administered Administration of New York thought for a long time how to solve the current difficult situation. And in the end, with the help of web developers and programmers, they released a special application called "Hitch", with which the townsfolk could call a taxi from anywhere in the city and go where they need.

In general, everyone was happy and happy until one memorable ill-fated night. Then a young attractive woman in the film "Associated taxi" called a taxi, but, unfortunately, she reached the destination already in the form of a cold, tortured corpse. And then everyone realized that a bloody murderer was hiding in the city, hiding under the guise of a taxi driver ....


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Rideshare (2018)

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Rideshare (2018)

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