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Anonymous 616 (2018)

Anonymous 616 (2018) Jenna and Jason, the heroes of the movie Anonymous 616, love each other very much and are definitely happy to be a couple. Once their old friend Eric invites friends to his house - he now has a new home. And then Erik had a bride named Monica, with whom he could not wait to introduce his friends. Moreover, after this meeting, he will again go to Iraq - Jason, being a military man, serves there on contract.

Jason and Jenna gladly agree to the offer and go on a visit. The meeting is fine - a bit of alcohol and a lot of fun, funny stories and memories. Everything is just fine - even until they decide to try a drug that sends them to the depths of their own subconscious. The most difficult thing is Jason - he is a soldier, his journey is not pleasant. Some stranger offers him power, but for this one must go on the path of violence and destruction, including the offending friends and lover. What will Jason do and what will he receive if he does go on this road without a refund?


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Anonymous 616 (2018)

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Anonymous 616 (2018)

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