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Braven (2018) Forester Joe Braven, also engaged in logging and transportation of wood, lives with his family near the US-Canada border. Now he does not have the most peaceful period. It's about father, Linden has problems with memory and perception of reality. Sometimes a not very old man in the full flowering of physical strength forgets who is in front of him, takes a stranger for his deceased spouse, or simply does not orient himself in space. Joe's wife, Stephanie, tries not to leave the father-in-law alone until her husband is at work. Granddaughter Charlotte is also constantly busy with something in the company of her grandfather. In most cases, the family has time to react to Linden's antics or help restore memories, but frightening failures happen more often.

This time, Braven Sr. becomes the reason for a fight in the bar. Because everyone in the town knows Joe, the police do not initiate a case. Doctors advise to put the pensioner under surveillance, the son also categorically does not want to send his father to a nursing home. Stephanie advises her husband to go with Linden to the hut in the forest, supposedly to prepare for the winter, and there to talk seriously about what's going on.

Shortly before that, Joe's fellow Weston, too, had visited the boss's domain. The guy moonlighting, carrying drugs in a hiding place, cut down in the wood. On the snow-covered road the courier can not cope with the management and leads the car into disrepair. Together with his partner Hellett, he puts the goods in a bag and puts them in Joe's hut, which is nearby. Then the companions return to the truck to wait for the police.

In the morning, along with the owner of the goods, Cassin, they want to take the stash, but see the traces of Joe's car leading to the house. Since it is impossible to leave witnesses, it is planned to take their own strength. It is unlikely that the hero will agree to surrender without a fight, even considering the preponderance of opponents in strength and numbers ...


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Braven (2018)

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Braven (2018)

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