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Border (2018)

Border (2018) The film "Border" tells of a young woman named Tina. She lives an ordinary life together with a roommate. Free from work, she likes to spend in company with dogs breeds of rottweiler, which her boyfriend is bred. On weekends, she goes to an elderly father who has lived in a nursing home. Let outwardly the girl is not very attractive, but from childhood she has a special gift - the so-called sixth sense. She is able to expose any person who deceives her, feels a lie extremely sharp. This ability seriously helps her in work at customs, where she meets a ferry, carrying people from Stockholm to Helsinki and back.

For quite a long time, she had not had to make mistakes. Smugglers are not very lucky if they fall under its inspection. But one day everything changes. At the next check of passengers, Tina comes across a strange man who appears as a thief. He has a rather unpleasant appearance. Outwardly, he somehow reminds her of himself. During a search, the passenger does not find anything unusual, but the customs officer still has an incomprehensible feeling. For the first time in her life, she realizes that abilities do not work. Meanwhile, the stranger says goodbye to her, like a longtime friend. See the film "Border" to find out whether this meeting was an accident.


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Border (2018)

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Border (2018)

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