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Zeroville (2018) "Zeroville" (2018) - a new American film with a humorous bias, drama. The plot tells about the life of a young guy named Hayk Jerome. In college, he gets the profession of an architect, but he loves movies and everything that is associated with him. Particularly close to him is the work of the film director. And he gets the specialty of "architecture" in order to have at least some kind of education. Although here it is not bad at all. Since childhood, the main character suffers from autism, is not sociable, is closed. This is due to the difficult childhood and aggressive behavior and education of his father, who was once a religious fanatic. Therefore, he has no friends or acquaintances. Deciding to fulfill his long-standing dream, the protagonist throws the architectural faculty and moves to Los Angeles to get to the famous Hollywood. Just at this time the film industry is going through hard times. In the 60-70s of the last century there will come crisis times for the cinema. A simple person is very difficult to get there without any recommendations. He was lucky, he managed to do it. Zeroville 2018 watch online you can after the premiere.

The extraordinary tattoo on the head helps the main character to attract the attention of the film industry workers and his work begins from the very beginning of the "cine" way. Thanks to this tattoo, it is taken for a member of the distinguished family of James Franco. Fate gives him a career as a costume designer. Due to his work, Hayk faces different actors playing different characters: from puppets to thieves in law. He will get acquainted with many influential people, experience a lot of impressions. After all, this is what he really wanted most in life. There he works a pretty decent time. Then he climbs a step higher and becomes an erector. The further, the more interesting his life develops. If earlier it was an ordinary boring life, now it's bright, colorful, intriguing, saturated. Naturally, he likes it very much. Also with him are the most important events in life: there is a fatal woman, sex, drugs, rock and roll, entertainment of a different nature. The main character is very fond of his brainchild. But in his life the current events began to flash very quickly, that he does not even have time to understand how all his efforts and sales dreams turn into a terrible tragedy.

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