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Piercing (2018)

Piercing (2018) Psychological traumas received in childhood can have a serious impact on the future life. Sometimes difficulties are associated with experienced events at a young age. Painful memories completely change a person, make him completely different. The hero of the movie "Piercing" seems to be an absolutely normal and adequate person. He has a successful job and a good salary. He is an exemplary family man who brings up a small daughter. In fact, to look in good quality, in his soul is a complete hell. As a child, he was subjected to inconceivable abuse and violence by parents.

Unable to endure such torment, he escaped from his home. I managed to take refuge in a shelter, where he was given shelter. The teenager lived there until the age of majority, with a shudder remembering his relatives. He managed to get settled in life, but he couldn’t get away from his fears. They followed him on the heels. Aggression is not easy to control. We have to hold back so as not to hurt loved ones. Hoping to throw out the negative, the man thinks about the murder. He decides to kill a prostitute whose death no one remembers. However, on his way there is a girl with a similar fate.


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Piercing (2018)

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Piercing (2018)

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