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Ladies in Black (2018)

Ladies in Black (2018) In the movie Ladies in Black, shyness often prevents a person from living. Especially girls, but this is normal for the twentieth century. In the past century, girls were imposed a modest image. But, true ladies should behave differently. This did not understand the main character of the movie Ladies in Black. Lisa's girlfriend is still very young and funny in her own way. She wears glasses and thinks about studying, hangs herself with representatives of the opposite sex. On vacation, it is decided to go on part-time work. Lisa takes a job at a department store in Sydney.

This prestigious institution, where she meets women who prefer to wear black elegant dresses. Acquaintance with women will forever change the life of a young girl. She will become liberated and let her change in her life. And Magda, Patty and Faye become her mentors. Events with the film's heroes occur in 1959.


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Ladies in Black (2018)

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Ladies in Black (2018)

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