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Reprisal (2018) A touching and enchanting story about true courage and love that will be inextricably linked throughout the narrative. In the center of the fantasy melodrama is a teenage girl named Rhiannon, whose shyness prevents her from enjoying life. At the beginning of the tape, the heroine meets a guy and immediately falls in love with him. They spend the whole day together, which seems like the perfect Rhiannon. But the next day the young man disappears. But the girl is associated with her girlfriend and says that in fact she is yesterday's acquaintance of Rhiannon. It turns out that the interlocutor is a disembodied spirit, who finds himself in the body of another person every day. Also moving from one body to another ghost, he admits that during his existence he managed to change more than six thousand "vessels", but for the first time he was attached to someone so much that he no longer wants to stop uncontrolled wanderings. Rhiannon does not believe in a shocking story, but the spirit finds a way to convince her of the truthfulness of her words. From this moment begins an incredible love story, in which there will be many different tests. Will the lovers manage to cope with them?

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