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Woman at War (2018) Hulla works as an orchestra conductor in Iceland. She is an ordinary woman, seemingly unremarkable. But in fact, she has long led a double life, in which she fights immediately on two fronts. In fact, she is a secret activist and a fighter for the cleanliness of the environment. It alone confronts large corporations that pollute the atmosphere. Currently, it is actively opposed to a large concern related to the smelting of aluminum. Its owners are going to build a subsidiary in one of the most environmentally friendly places in its home country. Gradually, her struggle from small dirty tricks turned into full-scale sabotage.
At the same time, she very much wants to adopt a child from Ukraine. The little girl has sunk in her soul for a long time, and the heroine is not going to retreat. Bureaucratic problems constantly cause additional difficulties and obstacles. And at the time of the decisive battle for nature for the truth it was caused by the Ukrainian authorities. She was allowed to take the girl, but you need to go immediately. How to combine these important events? Hulla had long dreamed of and imagined how she would take the baby from the house. And at the same time, it threatens to destroy all of her achievements at home. We must urgently decide and come to a definite opinion. But she still thinks about how to set things right and win at once in two battles.

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