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Family Blood (2018)

Family Blood (2018) Until a certain period in her life Ellie in the film "Family Blood" suffered from drug addiction. However, she decided to overcome her addiction for the sake of the family and children. That's why the girl began to visit the doctor and follow all his recommendations. And soon and at all the heroine made a firm decision to move to the city where her narcologist lives, in order to start everything from scratch. But, unfortunately, the new work and friends can not keep the unhappy woman from being tempted to take the coveted drug. As a result, all the treatment goes wrong and it seems that nothing is, and no one can help a drug-addicted girl.

But suddenly Ellie's life abruptly changes when she comes home, after returning from work, meets a nice and friendly young Christopher at first glance. The girl starts a relationship with an attractive, cheerful guy who, as it turned out, cures the truth from a drug addiction in a very sophisticated way, involving her in another dependence, namely, to kill innocent people ....


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Family Blood (2018)

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Family Blood (2018)

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