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The Wrong Daughter (2018) Joseph and Kate for a long time persistently tried to acquire an heir, but numerous steps were unsuccessful. The couple almost lost hope for the long-awaited pregnancy. At some point a man learns a secret that his wife carefully concealed. It turns out that in the old days she managed to become a mother. But because of too young age she had to give her baby to the orphanage. It does not matter to the main character that Danica has grown considerably. He persuades his wife to find an eighteen-year-old daughter, to finally find harmony in family life.
The couple resorts to the help of social networks and soon discovers the girl. Of course, the happy parents take her to her. They do not even suspect that the beauty will deftly destroy the prevailing idyll and fill the cloudless existence with total tragedies. The father and mother wish to give the daughter everything that she did not have in the orphanage. However, the girl more often behaves very mysteriously. She is so much in need of parental care and love that they are ready to go to extreme measures. In the mansion incomprehensible things begin to occur that carry a mortal danger.

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