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A Dangerous Date (2018) A first-class divorce attorney Peter was already knocked over forty. His daughter worries that after the death of a sick mother his father completely scored on his personal life. He completely immersed himself in work and in caring for his beloved daughter. But Julie grew up and goes to college. He remains alone in an empty house. My daughter wants a man to find someone else now and distracted. She offers him to use the services of sites with online dating. A stubborn father turns out to be, but the girl takes matters into her own hands and finds herself a friend to him.
The ad is answered by the beautiful Alexis. She seems a successful surgeon, who just catastrophically is not lucky with the guys. After a short correspondence Julie persuades her to go on a date with Peter. The latter is not too happy about such an initiative on the part of his daughter, but agrees to talk with a friendly companion. One dinner enough to romance between them began to develop rapidly. The first meeting ends with a joint night in bed. Such a haste surprises Julie. A personal acquaintance with Alexis unpleasantly surprises her. A new friend of her father was not at all the same as a girl imagined herself. What secrets and dark past is hidden by a stranger?

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