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The Misguided (2018) A new American thriller from the production director and part-time script writer Anish Chaganti and the producers Timur Bekmambetov and Adam Sidman. What would you recommend to someone who discovered the loss of your child? How to continue to be? What to do? What urgent actions should be taken? Some would continue to sit still, expecting the child to return on their own. Others will rush into battle, they will bypass thousands of roads, check all keyholes and still achieve the truths and disclosures of all maps. So is the main character of this film, which suddenly disappears daughter. The father does not intend to sit still and graze the rear, he is ready to do anything to find his beloved child. A man turns to the police and together with a talented investigator and a professional in his business, he begins a search. Realizing that we can not confine ourselves to the girl's immediate surroundings, a desperate parent begins to think through possible options and strategies, among which there is something special: the father enters the daughter's computer in order to find out all the information about her that is hidden all this time from his eyes. What will happen next, no one knows, but Dad hopes and does not give up even for a minute ...

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