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Siberia (2018) American criminal thriller with elements of melodrama from the production director Matthew M. Ross and script writers Scott B. Smith and Steven Hamel. What should an American do in Russia, where there is no customary civilized way of life, where everyone can be on the verge of death, and on your behavior depends the fate of yours, yours and your comrade? The protagonist has American citizenship and comes to a distant, cold, world-famous frost and snowdrift, fierce Siberia, in order to meet with Peter, a business partner and just a friend. The man himself trades in the field of precious stones and this trip is nothing but an excellent chance to turn an unprecedented and profitable deal for both sides, since it's not about ordinary diamonds, but about blue, rare color and size. A knowledgeable expert in this field, a person will never miss his chance to get a solid jackpot from this business. But the matter is broken absolutely unexpectedly. Peter, along with the party of diamonds, disappears without a trace in the depths of the Siberian lands and now the American needs to understand where the partner went, and with it the jewels. Did Peter run away, stealing blue gems or are they all the tricks of the enemies?

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