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Hotel Artemis (2018) A new film of British production from the director and screenwriter Drew Pearce will tell us about the fantastic criminal events that unfolded in the near future in the famous American city of Los Angeles. This thriller can really be called an excellent representative of its genre, as it not only keeps you busy from the beginning to the very end, but also draws spectators into the twists and turns inherent in this action movie: vivid fights, unimaginable and dynamic twists and turns of the story, dangerous, and obvious. Well, we go where the criminal environment takes precedence over ordinary people. The peaceful population remains on the sidelines and in the center of the plot there are criminals and bandits. Each of them, who has achieved a little respect and status, is referred to a certain Nurse for medical help in case of need. She is also the owner of the hotel "Artemis". It is here that villains find shelter, shelter, sanatorium treatment, rest and, so-called, vacations from worries of the daily. Everyone is familiar with everyone, however, newcomers who come from nowhere do a little bit of confusion in the habitual way of living. And all because new customers bring with them a local crime cone, which is just in search of one thing that was previously stolen. One of the main rules of the hotel is the ban on any weapons in the walls of the clinic. How to be, if some want a battle, and others have a restful sleep?

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