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Alita: Battle Angel (2018) The action of the fantastic film "Alita: Battle Angel" unfolds exactly three hundred years after the tragic conflict called "The Great War". Under the utopian city is a city-dump, to which garbage and unnecessary people are dumped. Most of the population are dangerous people and cyborgs. There are practically no power structures, and the order is established thanks to rewards for the heads of dangerous elements. On the whole perimeter of the city there are factories engaged in the processing of garbage.

One day, the remains of a cyborg are dropped here. He is found by the talented doctor Ido. He brings a cyborg woman to his workshop and recovers. Upon recovering, the cyborg tries to recall something from a past life, but soon discovers that the memories are not preserved. At the same time, the cyborg woman understands that she instinctively knows how to use combat techniques. So begins the search for memories that have been lost. Nobody yet knows what it can lead to. In the meantime, the cyborg begins a new life.

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