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Sorry Angel (2018)

Sorry Angel (2018) Jacques thinks of himself as a good writer. However, almost all the Parisian publications refuse the guy in contracts and do not want to print his scribbling. Gradually, the young paper scribe begins to seek consolation in promiscuous intimate relationships. The young man in the movie "I'm sorry, angel" like only men. Having fun in nightclubs and at parties, the hero entices a lot of unfamiliar guys into his bed. Thanks to this way of life, the unfortunate writer becomes infected with AIDS. Upon learning of the deadly disease, Jacques is not completely upset and continues his love affairs with even greater excitement. At this time, the monetary affairs of the guy make you want something better. Only Comrade Mathieu knows about his material problems, who sincerely sympathizes with the bankrupt.

Once a grief-writer goes to a festival of writers. Finding himself there, he gets acquainted with the young Breton Arthur. Between the creative personalities there is a philosophical dispute. Gradually the heated controversy grows into ordinary communication, and in the morning the guys wake up in the same bed. But only Arthur can not stay with his lover for long.


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Sorry Angel (2018)

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Sorry Angel (2018)

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