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Becoming Astrid (2018)

Becoming Astrid (2018) The film "Becoming Astrid" is an amazing story of the life of one of the most popular children's writers, who gave the world Carlson and Pippi Long Stockings. Where in the imagination of an ordinary village girl Astrid appeared these fairy-tale characters, which children of the whole world know and love? Surprisingly, Astrid Anna Emily's own life Lindgren is far from amazing fairy-tale adventures; on the contrary, the writer had to go through pain and disappointment. After pregnancy at the age of 18, the girl is forced to leave so as not to advertise a painful relationship with the editor of a local print publication, who was married.

Astrid desperately needed money, so having given birth to a boy, she is forced to leave him in a Danish foster family. The girl wrote essays and stories from 16 years old, publishing them in local magazines. The first fabulous tale in her biography came from a sick daughter. The girl asked Mama for a fairy tale, and Astrid literally on the run composed stories about Pippi Long stocking. An unusual story was published in 1944, and immediately sold out in a huge edition. Then there were stories about the detective Blumkviste and the social tale "Mio, my Mio." Watch the movie "Be Astrid Lindgren" and find out that after earning millions of crowns, the writer remained true to habits, lived in a small apartment and donated a lot to charity.


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Becoming Astrid (2018)

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Becoming Astrid (2018)

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