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Spivak (2018)

Spivak (2018) Wally Spivak considered himself a very talented writer. His stories were popular with the public and some publications eagerly published them on their pages. That's why he decided to write a real big novel. In his dreams, the book was a hit of sales, and he himself was already a millionaire and swam in money. For several months he honestly squeezed out of his fantasy the plot of the future hit. But the final result did not appeal to publishers. From the author and from his masterpiece everyone shies aside - no one dares to take such a work in print and put a cross on his publishing house.

A frustrated writer does not listen to words of comfort from friends, but can not deny himself entertainment. One such evening, the guys offer him an excellent way out of the depression - they need to urgently go to Las Vegas. It is there that the spleen will pass, and the guy will find new ideas for his works. Immediately after arrival, Wally meets a charming girl. At first he thought that it was a prostitute, but later it turned out that the girl was married and her husband joined the young people. Puzzled Spivak realizes that the couple are very strange - Janine builds his eyes and openly offers sex. Her boyfriend looks at it calmly from the side. What is wrong with these lovers?


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Spivak (2018)

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Spivak (2018)

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