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Ayka (2018)

Ayka (2018) The actions in the film begin at the crucial moment that happens to most women on the planet. In the center of attention is a twenty-five-year-old girl named Hayk, who was just brought to the ward a newborn baby. However, for her this is not a very joyful event, so she escapes through the window, and leaves the baby in the maternity hospital. The main character immediately went to her work, where she plucked the chickens. There she learned that the previous owner had fled, so you can not even wait for the last work. Not only did Ike find herself in such a desperate situation, but also many migrants. The girl is in a deplorable situation, because she urgently needs money to give to their criminals. The problem is that her work permit in Russia ended a year ago, so she can only rely on casual earnings.

Now poor Aik is very hard. In winter, a record amount of snow fell, the capital was replaced. Everything around seems so cold and gray. The girl understands that she urgently needs work to somehow survive, but nothing happens. Moscow is beginning to prepare for the World Cup, all migrants are driven out of bounds. Ike is also in great danger, because at any time it can find creditors or law enforcement officers. During the championship you can make good money, but you need to live ...


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Ayka (2018)

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Ayka (2018)

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