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Anastasia (2018)

Anastasia (2018) The film "Anastasia" tells an amazing story of saving the daughter of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Russia was swept up by a wave of riots. Revolutionaries crave blood and are going to finish with the king, so they sentence the entire royal family to be shot. It is impossible to avoid harsh reprisals, but Princess Anastasia finds a magical portal. The magic door is not just a passage between worlds, it connects several time lines. Through the opening, the girl manages to get into the modern world. She learns that 70 years have passed since the brutal punishment of the imperial family.

Anastasia is in the United States of America. Here she meets a girl of her age, who later becomes her best friend. The young princess is to learn about the consequences of revolutionary actions in Russia, and also to experience many amazing adventures in a new world for herself. But Anastasia's life is in danger. The insidious wizard, who exists outside of time, wants to end the family of the Romanovs. He uses dark magic to destroy the princess and her friends. To see the consequences of the epic confrontation between good and evil, see the film "Anastasia" online!


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Anastasia (2018)

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Anastasia (2018)

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