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Speed Kills (2018)

Speed Kills (2018) The film "Speed Kills" tells the story of the famous millionaire Donald Joel Aronou. The boy was born in America in the family of wealthy Jewish immigrants from Russia. With the onset of the Great Depression, the family's well-being began to fall steadily. At the time of the Second World War, the young man studied at the Brooklyn College, but decided to quit his studies and go to the front. He joined the corps of the Merchant Fleet, in the ranks of which he served for 4 years. After the war, the young man went to the construction site, as the whole country was covered by a construction boom.

Having received real experience and practical knowledge, a talented man founded his own business, which earned him well-deserved millions. The company Aronou expanded. In addition to the construction of buildings and complexes, the scope of activity included the production of expensive luxury boats and boats. The owner himself moved to Miami, where he spent his free time in the sea regattas. Races on the water have become not only a hobby, but also a source of decent income. In pursuit of adrenaline, the millionaire did not notice how he became a victim of a well thought out scam of smugglers. To find out what the consequences it led to, and how the legendary businessman died, watch the movie "Speed Kills".


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Speed Kills (2018)

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Speed Kills (2018)

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