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Loro 1 (2018) The film "Loro 1" proves that great personalities are talented in everything. This can be observed everywhere, when an influential and well-off person easily succeeds in any undertakings, destiny spreads a carpet in front of his pet. Luck accompanies such lucky not only in business, but also in personal life: they are always surrounded by luxurious women, ready to fulfill any whim. Such a state can be called a phenomenon of a successful man, who has no scientific explanation. Many people think this is an accidentally occurring circumstances or the correct conduct of business, however, do not forget about the personal qualities of a person.

Silvio Berlusconi is a striking example of a businessman who is accustomed to receiving from life a maximum, enjoying every moment of lived days. He succeeds literally all, and personal savings, invested in construction, football and media business help Silvio to put together a multi-billion dollar fortune. However, the charismatic Italian has little secured and carefree life, so he dives without a hiccup into the sea of big politics and after a short time heads the government. Watch the movie "Loro 1" and learn the unknown pages from the life of Berlusconi and his closest associates.

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