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Incident in a Ghost Land (2018)

Incident in a Ghost Land (2018) Sixteen years ago Colin unexpectedly inherited from his aunt a huge house. This dwelling was in a secluded area. As described in the movie "Incident in a Ghost Land", the circumstances developed so that the woman, along with her daughters Beth and Vera, moved to her aunt's house. The first night the worst happened. Unknown people have rushed into the house to kill its inhabitants. Colin defending the girls, fought to the end. The woman managed to survive and save her family.

Time passed, the girls grew up. Beth became a well-known literary woman, who wrote very successful horror stories. Faith could not forget the events of that nightmare. A young woman suffers from a nervous breakdown and falls into a panic from any random rustle. Naturally, such paranoia was reflected in Vera's personal life. Now Colin, along with the grown-up daughters, were again in the ill-fated big house. They immediately realized that something strange was happening around them. It seems that the dwelling is alive. It is necessary to understand what is happening, otherwise there will be trouble.


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Incident in a Ghost Land (2018)

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Incident in a Ghost Land (2018)

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