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Ghost Stories (2017) In the center of the plot of the film "Ghost Stories" is the famous professor of psychology Philip Goodman, engaged in exposing people who are trying to prove the existence of supernatural forces. He never believed that beyond the material world there could be something that we can not know. Goodman is one of those people who approach everything from a rational point of view. The professor is sure that any phenomena can be explained by science. And if you can not explain them, then they are most likely the product of fantasy charlatans. Goodman does not like ignorance, so he travels all over the country, spreading his ideas.

Suddenly, the attention of the professor is captured by a rather mysterious incident. If you believe the events, then three different people almost simultaneously faced with supernatural events. Among them, an ordinary night watchman, a teenage boy and an experienced entrepreneur. They practically do not have anything in common. How did it happen that their testimony is quite accurate? Trying to understand what is really happening, Goodman plunges into the investigation.

The film "Ghost Stories" we strongly recommend to watch online for everyone who loves mystical horror with elements of drama.

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